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Hooggelegen has been in the family for over five generations and is one of the oldest family-owned wine farms in the Durbanville area. The size of the farm is 220 hectares of which 95 hectares are under vines. We use a small part of the annual harvest to produce approximately 6500 cases of wine a year.

MJ de Wit, our first winemaker, started making the Signal Gun wines in 2006 as a hobby. Over the years it developed into an award-winning range of wines some of them being our Sea Smoke Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Signal Gun Rose, Signal Gun Merlot and some more.

Why the name Signal Gun?
The VOC installed more than 50 cannons on hills and mountains around the Cape to form a signal gun chain that could call the Burgher Militia to defend the Cape. This signal gun chain extended from Signal Hill, Cape Town via Durbanville to Citrusdal in the North West, Worcester in the north and via Tygerberg to Suurbraak beyond Swellendam in the east. We still have the original Signal Gun on our farm and use this cannon and a few others that are still in good working order to fire shots on joyous occasions.