The history of the Asara Wine Estate goes back to 1691 when the two farms that make up the estate were first settled, a date that we celebrate today on the Asara logo and wine labels.

In 2000 the farms were bought by the current owners and combined to make a new estate, which, at 180 hectares, is one of the largest in the Cape Winelands. The estate was named Asara in honour of the North African gods of earth, sun and sky – Astar, Asis and Asase – to symbolise the balance and harmony of nature which is reflected in Asara wines.

The establishment of the new estate coincided with a renaissance in the South African wine industry as it emerged from the isolation and over-regulation of the apartheid era to become a modern, dynamic force in the wine world. This new era was matched at Asara by significant investment in vineyards and cellar, and an uncompromising approach to best practices in both viticulture and wine making.

The wine making team works closely with the farm and viticultural teams, and follows a classic style guided by a philosophy of allowing Asara’s unique and special terroir to express itself in the wines through minimal cellar handling, and balanced and integrated oak as a platform for the fruit. The estate regularly enters international wine competitions and has established an impressive list of awards.